Brand Identity

In order to effectively communicate to our customers the value of our product, I offered to create a style guide for our software. This is to help improve communication, organization, and accessibility. I utilized this as a style guide in the landing page design I created for Savviest.

Project Snapshot



  • Create Brand Style Guide for future design and development use

Sketch App

  • Understood goals of brand

  • Analyze previous brand colors and font patterns

  • Explore options

  • Synthesize brand style guide

  1. Updated brand identity

  2. Introduced and incorporated design principles to product

  3. Provided documents to product team

Goals of Brand

The goals for Savviest included:


  1. Delivering a brand that was professional but still fun.

  2. Target audience is early 20s to early 30s of all professions.

  3. Have different brand colors than other technology companies.

Previous Brand Colors

Below are the brand colors Savviest. I would describe them as bright and fun yet I do not see professionalism. This I wanted to alter in order for the personality of the company to shine. 

Color Exploration

I wanted to maintain the integrity of the brand while also adjusting the colors slightly in order for a clear, professional yet modern appearance. I did this by exploring many color options and patterns. I then selected a few color options and expanded them in order to begin creating a style guide.

Savviest Style Guide

After various iterations I was able to solidify the colors that I felt truly expressed what it meant to be modern and professional today. I expanded these colors to include layout colors, denotative colors, and interactive colors each having their hex value along side it. I also made sure that they worked on both light and dark backgrounds. I explained how each color should be used in order to maintain consistency throughout the product.

Savviest Brand Identity

This was an excellent opportunity for me to support Savviest's brand identity and creating their style guide. I presented my findings to the product team and passed along the documents that I created.