Hannah Bare

– a Product / UXI Designer based in Colorado

who loves dark chocolate and kombucha. 

A designer fueled by curiosity, helping others, and solving challenging problems through collaboration and a strong design process.


Currently the Lead Product Designer for Savviest, a platform built to improve the inherent difficulties in writing tailored resumes per job application. It uses new advances in AI and natural language processing to help build persuasive, custom resumes and cover letters in seconds. Previously I was a Product Designer for Backbone PLM. My work crosses disciplines, but is always focused on impacting and improving the lives of others.

In my free time I am passionate about plants, personal development and meditation. I also love interior design and a good adventure. 

Want to get into contact? I'd love to hear from you.

Keyboard and Mouse

Devin Owen

Savviest CEO

Hannah has been hugely influential in shaping our product and brand. We prioritized onboarding early on due to her research with actual users, and focused even more attention on templates within the app. We only discovered how foundational these changes were because of Hannah’s work, and would have skipped that work in favor of what we incorrectly thought customers would be interested: advanced features that only a minor subset of users even wanted. Her willingness to go above and beyond in her work — and the value of the insights and designs she generates — makes her a valuable asset at any company. 

Vance Bance

former manager

I had the pleasure of working with Hannah during her time at Backbone PLM as a Product Designer. I watched her grow as a designer and as a leader. Hannah took the initiative unto herself to help mentor and lead other members of the team that were struggling. Other than mentoring, Hannah also took the lead on integrating a solid User Research and User Experience process into the company. Her designs were always well thought out, and she always presented and defended her wireframes and high-fidelity designs like a champion! If our professional paths cross in the future, I would be more than happy to work with Hannah again.

Thomas Regur

former coworker

I came to know Hannah as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that she is an impressive communicator who was always bringing the team together. Her knowledge of User Experience Design and expertise in solving complex problems was a huge advantage to our entire organization.